10 Possible Benefits & Uses of CBD Oil – A Miracle Molecule

Apr 16, 2020 | CBD Oil, CBD Products

Are you curious why you’ve lately been hearing and seeing so many things about CBD (Cannabidiol) everywhere? Does it really sound useful to you, or is it just a fad? Here we demystify why CBD oil isn’t a hyped product but a savior.

Possible Benefits of CBD Oil

1. Heals the Skin10 Benefits & Uses of CBD Oil - A Miracle Molecule

Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD oil exhibits a promising result in treating several skin conditions. It relaxes you from inside out, curing acne, eczema, psoriasis, and so many other skin problems. It’ll be interesting for you to know that CBD oil also contains a certain level of Vitamin E, which further helps nourish your skin and also protect it from free radical damage such as environmental pollutants or UV rays etc. With topical application, it promotes faster healing and keeps your skin intact.

2. Reduces Anxiety

Anxiety can have a devastating effect on your mental health and also your overall well-being. Usually, it is managed with doctor-prescribed antidepressant (addictive in nature) drugs. However, CBD has a natural approach in regulating your social behaviors and even calming the anxieties. But, it’s always better to consult your doctor before considering CBD oil as a treatment.

3. Relieves Chronic Pain

CBD oil for pain relief is well within your reach, serving as a useful medicine for certain types. In fact, amongst all the reasons that people use CBD for, chronic pain is the most common one. Several studies confirm that it’s a safe and effective analgesic for migraine, arthritis, nerve-related aches, and more. However, it may or may not be used in combination with other CBD products to treat a particular case.

4. Reduces Inflammation

Since its anti-inflammatory in nature, CBD oil shows a remedial effect on your overall well-being, keeping several health risks at bay. Since inflammation relates to heating, swelling, pain, as well as redness, a systematic use of CBD oil can have a wide-range of potential health benefits for the body.

5. Induces Better Sleep

Do you sufficiently get your sleep? Do you feel fresh when you wake up in the morning? There’s a possibility that you might be sleeping for extended hours, but don’t sleep undisturbed. Or, you may be experiencing excessive daytime sleepiness from a not-so-restful night sleep. In such cases, CBD oils possible benefits come to your rescue!

It’s an effective way to help you get a deeper and relaxing sleep. It’s also beneficial with sleep disorders like sleep apnea and insomnia. While some people may show a more energetic response to CBD, some have even reported an experience a calming bedtime routine.

6. Improves Heart Health

Studies indicate that CBD oil benefits your heart health in numerous ways. It can possibly help manage high blood pressure and keep away the related problems like heart attack, stroke, or metabolic syndrome.

7. Helps Achieve Mental Clarity

Since CBD is not psychoactive, it accounts for a more natural solution to a number of health problems. CBD has a very different molecular structure containing a hydroxyl group that doesn’t get you high. This is why it’s gaining popularity in the health, fitness and wellness industries across the globe, with scientific researches confirming the therapeutic and medicinal values.

8. Protects Bone Health

CBD oil is facilitative of the bone metabolism process. It has particularly shown a reduced risk in the age-related bone damage, and it can also possibly accelerate the healing process of any broken bones.

9. Promotes Healthy Weight

According to a 2011 research, authored by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 52,000 participants were examined concerning the relationship between CBD and obesity. Surprisingly, the obesity rate was almost one third lower in the CBD users, despite of them having a higher calorie diet each day. The study showed that CBD is effective in maintaining an ideal weight by converting white fat into weight-reducing brown fat.

10. Maintains Brain Health

Cannabinoids are believed to have neuroprotective properties, which can help in strengthening your brain cells, keeping the mental health intact. One of its primary uses include the treatment of neurological disorders like multiple sclerosis, seizure activities, epilepsy, and more. Studies have also shown an improved living quality of patients having Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s disease. Although the research is limited, animal studies suggest that CBD oils possible benefits do ease and, in fact, reduce the progression of neurodegeneration.

CBD Oil Uses10 Benefits & Uses of CBD Oil - A Miracle Molecule

The administration of this oil majorly depends on the condition it’s being used for. So, it can be topically applied to the affected areas on your skin, nails, or hair, mixed with a carrier oil or any gels and creams.

Processed and concentrated form of CBD oil is often placed under the tongue for 30 seconds, to get into your bloodstream and manifest better results.

You even get capsules containing CBD oil or isolate to ingest orally, and these pretty much look like any other over-the-counter available vitamins.

You’d be surprised to know, even animals have an Endocannabinoid System, and CBD oil has shown a positive impact on mice and many other species having anxiety or seizure symptoms. Therefore, it provides an enhanced medicinal activity in both animals and humans. Also, it’s very much legal to use in more than fifty states in the US, but only if it conforms to the 2018 Farm Bill regulations.

CBD Oil by New Age Hemp

Although there are just a few well-conducted trials, several studies suggest that CBD can be a powerful natural treatment for multiple health issues. Widely available (legal) CBD oil products, such as ours, are extracted from hemp, whereas some others might be extracted from cannabis containing varying levels of THC that make you high. So, before buying any CBD oil, consider these:

  • Make sure you’re aware of the state laws
  • Aim for USA grown hemp and products that are independently lab tested
  • Read the labels and ingredients to know what you’re getting
  • Choose the one free from harmful vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol

The New Age Hemp CBD oil products are 100% sourced and produced in the USA. We offer only premium quality products and are Arkansas’ first and leading Hemp processor and wholesale supplier. If you’re looking for the best CBD oil online, shop from our new-age extensive collection and discover the everyday benefits of CBD oil.



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