When it comes to the popularity of CBD offerings like gummies, oils, and tinctures, it seems like everyone who’s anyone has something to say about our products. 

Although many people do realize the truth behind the science and proof that support the positive appearance of CBD products, many others rely on getting their “proof” from sources that take a minute fact about our industry and blow it into a total falsity.

Here are seven of the most common things that almost everyone gets wrong about CBD at some point in time. 

  1. CBD Has Zero Proven Medical Value

While most CBD product manufacturers can’t legally guarantee their products actually cure medical ailments, it doesn’t mean there isn’t already proven medical research that CBD could be a valuable medical asset.

As early as 2018, when CBD products were legalized in most states, the FDA approved the production and sale of the seizure medication Epidiolex. This medication is the first CBD-based drug to officially treat seizure disorders and see approval from the FDA. 

Although one medical win may not seem like a huge leap, the truth is that the approval of Epidiolex opens the door for further research into CBD products and the impact they could have on numerous physical and emotional ailments. 

  1. CBD in Itself is Illegal

The stigma that surrounds CBD products could easily lead to an unaware person believing that these products are illegal. The truth is, that as long as a CBD product contains no more than 0.3% THC, the product is Federally legal to purchase. 

Keep in mind that some states do require a prescription for the purchase of CBD products and that only products derived from Hemp, and not Cannabis are legal in the United States.

Always do your research before buying a CBD product. Ask where the product came from, and ensure that your CBD supplier is following all local and federal regulations.

  1. Hemp and Cannabis Are the Same Thing

Yes, Hemp and Cannabis both stem from the same plant family and can both produce CBD. So, it’s no surprise that so many people think that CBD products have the potential to alter physiological and physical sensations.

The reality is that the amount of CBD that each plant produces is drastically different. While Cannabis produces high levels of THC and low levels of CBD, Hemp contains high amounts of CBD. This is the biggest difference between the two plants and why each are Federally regulated the way they are.

  1. CBD is Just a Marketing Money Pit

Unfortunately, mass marketing has begun to take its toll on the legitimate CBD product industry. While we can’t say that every makeup product or snack that claims to be a CBD product is a farce, we do stand behind our opinion that a great CBD product is one that provides customers with a pure source of CBD and not a watered down gimmick.

  1. CBD and Doctors Don’t Mix

Many people think that their physicians will turn their nose up at the idea of them wanting to dabble in using CBD oils or related products. Actually, asking your doctor about using CBD could help improve the effectiveness of the product when used as a supplement for qualifying ailments.

If you go into CBD blind and without the advice of a medical professional, you may experience zero effectiveness from the products because you’ve purchased based on hearsay and aren’t using the right product for the right issues.

  1. All CBD is Sketchy CBD

Sure, there are some misleading “CBD products” on the market that wrongfully label themselves as such but actually contain little to no CBD. 

Always do your research before buying a CBD product and know the reliability of the brand that you’re doing business with. Like all industries, there are counterfeit products out there. Just don’t let this fact taint the effectiveness of actual CBD products.

  1. CBD Gummies, Oils, and Tinctures Are Highly Addictive

CBD does impact the nervous system and has the potential to produce positive effects for a consumer. However, using CBD does not lead to addictive habits or any side effects that cripple your ability to function normally. 

CBD doesn’t get you “high” and can actually hamper the addictive habits of morphine and other problematic pain killers.

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