Many people enjoy CBD products to help them settle in at the end of a stressful day or to aid in the alleviation of body aches and pains.

However, the athletic world and the CBD industry have recently become simpatico. In 2018, the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) removed the “enhancing drug” status from CBD and THC-Free products.

Since then, many other athletic organizations and regular folk alike have begun to add CBD products to their workout routine.

Although many people know CBD as a healthy lifestyle product, many questions if CBD truly enhances the workout experience. Here’s a look into CBD use during an average workout and how it can have a positive impact on your overall performance and health.

When Should You Take CBD in Your Routine?

What’s great about CBD is that you can use the product at any point of your day. When it comes to using oils, gummies, and tinctures to maximize your workout routine, the choice is still entirely up to you.

Some athletes use our CBD gummy products as a way to start their day off with a health boost (more on that later). However, for the most effective impact on a workout routine, we suggest using CBD oil products directly after you’ve completed a workout.

The two key reasons why you should take CBD after a workout are extremely beneficial:

CBD Helps Reduce Inflammation

A heavy workout can lead to muscle pain and occasional inflammation. Although aches and pains are common after a strenuous time at the gym, it’s something that even the most experienced athletes could do without.

As CBD oil directly interacts with the body’s receptors, not only does it relieve the pain of a great workout, but it also reduces inflammation, which speeds up the body’s preparation for the next workout session.

It May Build Muscle

Although this aspect of CBD and working out does require some more research, studies are showing that CBD products may, in fact, help athletes build muscle after a workout. By taking CBD as a way to get more sleep, your cortisol levels may drop even more than they would during a standard REM cycle. When cortisol levels are low, your muscle begins to recover and rebuild.

Therefore, the lower your cortisol levels, the harder your body works to build muscle tissue. So, CBD may be an indirect cause of improved muscle gains.

CBD Can Give Your Body Essential Nutrients

Fitness enthusiasts care about the nutrients they put into their bodies. With the recent popularity of CBD products, athletes have an exciting and easy way to give their bodies an extra boost of nutrition that benefits their health.

Some of the essential nutrients that one could gain from CBD oils and other THC-Free products include the following:

  • Vitamin B
  • Protein
  • Calcium
  • Fatty Acids
  • Fiber
  • Iron

CBD can also potentially inhibit brain receptors that trigger a person to overeat. Therefore, it can also be an excellent resource for those whose workout goal is to build lean muscle and safely lose fat.

Good Sleep Impacts Your Workout

Many people with insomnia use CBD oils to help them get better sleep. CBD interacts with sleep receptors in the brain and can help people ease into a healthier sleeping pattern.

It’s well known that a good night’s sleep helps promote improved athletic performance. So, if you use CBD oils as part of your nighttime routine, you could actually be prepping your body for a more effective workout in the morning.

CBD Calms Your Nerves

A great workout or sporty session requires complete focus on your goals. If you are an athlete that suffers from anxiety or nerves, the chances are that while these issues are on your mind, your performance is hindering.

CBD is known to possibly help reduce symptoms of anxiety and depression through serotonin regulation. So, if you workout after using one of our CBD products you may experience a more focused session that yields even greater results.

Improve Your Workout with CBD Products from New Age Hemp

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